Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: newbies, amateurs and beginners, advanced users, teachers

Buying the best electric guitar can be overwhelming with so many options out there. As a newbie, you might find these musical instruments to be relatively similar, hence the necessity to conduct proper research before spending your money. Yamaha is one of the front running manufacturers in this industry. When looking for the world renowned Japanese reliability, you know that this is the optimal solution for your needs. Yamaha produces all kinds of musical instruments, as well as accessories to enhance your style and provide a higher quality. It makes no difference if you are looking for keyboards, guitars or amplifiers. As long as you choose a solid brand, chances are you will make a good decision.

But on a different note, you will be surprised once you end up checking Yamaha’s products. You got more than just one or two electric guitars. Electric guitars can be classified by more criteria, so you can find a good representative in each of those categories. Just like you have probably guessed already, each model comes with particular specifications. All in all, Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar seems to be a front runner in this industry. Basically, the FJX720SC model is among Yamaha’s best sellers. It benefits from numerous positive reviews, so it makes a very cost efficient solution, whether you are a newbie or an actual professional. With all these, it still pays off to read on and identify the pros and cons of this product. Can it actually raise to your expectations? There is only one way to find out.

Why we recommend specific types of woods over others in the build of an electric guitar

Just like any other guitar, Yamaha’s FJX720SC electric guitar is made of specific types of woods. There are more materials in this industry, so research their main characteristics. While many newbies overlook the material, the truth is that the wood is directly responsible for the actual resonance. This model comes with a solid mahogany back. Its sides are made of the exact same material. Mahogany is known for being relatively heavier than other woods, which means that it makes a sturdy and durable option. It provides excellent support while playing, but it also offers a warm and user friendly appearance. The sound is very warm too, but also fat and thick. With time, you will understand how mahogany can truly influence your sound.

On the other hand, the fretboard is made of rosewood, which is yet another major plus for this model. Rosewood works in a tight collaboration with mahogany. Both materials come with a warm tone. This is the kind of sound that can touch anyone. At the same time, you got a continuous and smooth playing style. It is fast too, so the sounds are delivered almost instantly. This type of material is excellent for all kinds of music genres because it does not require too much time to get used to it. The results will most likely surprise you right away.

Exploring the main features and capabilities of Yamaha’s FJX720SC electric guitar

At a first glance, Yamaha FJX720SC looks like a classic guitar. You have to research it in small details in order to determine whether or not it can raise to your expectations. It is advertised as an electric guitar, but also as an acoustic one. In other words, this model is an acoustic electric guitar, so it can support both playing styles with absolutely no problems at all. It does look like a traditional acoustic model, but its electric capabilities represent some of its strengths. This unit is excellent if you know exactly what kind of style you plan to adopt, but also if you are not sure about your playing style or you like both of them.

It is mostly made of mahogany and rosemary. The neck, back and sides are entirely made of mahogany, which is sturdy and durable. When combined with the rosemary fretboard, you can obtain a warm and deep sound. The Sitka spruce top adds to the overall quality standards, as well as the appearance. Mahogany has a natural dark appearance, which can properly contrast to spruce top. However, it is painted black, so the unit is more common as a whole black unit, rather than a contrasting guitar.

The FJX720SC model comes with a built-in tuner, so there is nothing to worry about from this point of view. It is solid and highly adjustable to your playing style. The die-cast tuners add to your overall experience as well. Even the pickup can make an excellent solution. The 55T Piezo pickup is a comprehensive system that takes your musical experience to the next level.

The guitar weighs 7.5 pounds. It represents a middle solution, so it is quite easy to get used to it without feeling any discomfort. The reverse L neck block can help if you feel overwhelmed.


  • Traditional appearance
  • Excellent combination of mahogany, rosewood and Sitka spruce
  • Tuner is built in
  • 55T Piezo pickup is extremely reliable
  • Impeccable reputation and rankings
  • Excellent response
  • Clear sound
  • Dynamic range
  • Reverse L neck block
  • Luxury looking chrome tuners
  • Very comfortable to play
  • Both acoustic and electric
  • Ages gracefully


  • More appropriate for beginners and amateurs than for large scale professionals
  • Could use more futuristic features
  • Might seem a bit too large for a complete newbie


As a short final conclusion, Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar makes a great solution for those who need a tough, reliable and solid guitar. It is used by both amateurs and professionals, yet a professional who plays on the world’s largest scenes might need a specialized guitar. The FJX720SC is both acoustic and electric. Just choose the right strings and enjoy your favorite music genre, whether you like blues, jazz or even heavy metal. This guitar is designed to last, look good and sound even better as it gets old.