Koss PortaPro Headphones With Case Review

Buying a set of wireless noise canceling headphones has never been more complicated. This is not the type of activity you do in just a few minutes or hours. Instead, it takes a lot of time and research. Why? This industry has simply exploded over the past decade. Chances are you will run into a lot of brands out there. Some of them may not be as popular as other world renowned names, yet they can provide an even higher quality. As if all these were not enough, you will bump into hundreds of different models. Making a random decision is not your best idea, since you risk ruining the entire experience. With these conclusions in mind, it might be smart to just find a good manufacturer first, then continue this venture by analyzing its models. Koss is one of the brands with the most cost efficient solutions for your music playing experience. With dozens of different models, it is fairly simple to find something to match your necessities.

If not sure which model is more appropriate for you, Koss PortaPro Headphones With Case become an interesting option that can draw a lot of positive attention. These headphones do not just look good, but they bring in a lot of features to enhance your experience. Our experts step in to help you some more too. Read on to discover what we have found out about this product, but do not hesitate to check the list of pros and cons either.

Why wireless noise canceling headphones have become so popular lately

The PortaPro model from Koss is a wireless headset. There are more reasons wherefore our experts recommend these things. Most importantly, they are extremely convenient and far ahead the classic headsets. Most people know what it means to use wired headphones. Basically, you are stuck in one place. You can barely change your position, not to mention about moving around the room. Forget about going outdoors or moving to a different room. Even if you have a very long wire, you risk getting it tangled as well. On a different note, wireless models are comfortable and provide long distance listening, which is a huge plus.

Noise filtering is also exquisite. Skip the unwanted noise and enjoy your favorite music at the highest quality standards. You benefit from a first rate experience by overcoming problematic sounds. You can play your favorite game or listen to music when your dad watches the game, while some people will love the possibility to clean around the house and enjoy the deep music at the same time.

Almost everyone can benefit from wireless noise canceling headphones. Do you travel a lot? Do you work in a noisy office? Do you have to run from one work phone to another? These types of experiences will always benefit from more efficiency with a wireless headset. These are only some of the main reasons wherefore our experts agree that the wireless solution is more helpful than the classic wired one.

Discovering the benefits of PortalPro headphones from Koss

The PortalPro headset from Koss is designed to feel and look professional. While this is a noise canceling headset, it not as bulky and inconvenient as other similar models in the same category. It only weighs a little over 6 ounces. The headband is not covered in any cushioned materials, yet it will not affect you anyway. It is still extremely comfortable and easy to adjust according to your head size. The fit is perfectly secure, while the ear plates can pivot for a perfect fit. They move in different directions and ensure a perfect enclosure. You also have two pads responsible for the comfort. They adjust the pressure or shift it accordingly, only to balance the plates on your ears. With these ideas in mind, you can keep the headphones on for a whole day without feeling any discomfort or issues.

When it comes to the actual performance, this model is specifically built to provide a deep bass performance. You can easily listen to all kinds of sounds, including high and very low sounds. The bass is easy to identify and makes the difference. There are two output channels, while the audio sensitivity goes to 101dB. The frequency response is more than enough for regular activities and even professional uses – between 15Hz and 25,000Hz. Do not forget about the 60ohm impedance either.

The package includes everything you require for a solid experience. Aside from the noise canceling headphones, you also have a wire to keep using the headset even if you run out of battery. It ends in a classic 3.5mm jack. Besides, the manufacturer includes a fancy carrying case too. Fortunately, the case is not as large as you might expect because the headset is collapsible for a more ergonomic design.


  • Sonic performance leaves no room for mistakes
  • Built with ergonomics in mind
  • Comfort is given by cushioned ear cups and pressure pads
  • Pressure pads prevent painful situations
  • Can easily provide any type of sounds, from high to low end sounds
  • Perfect bass reproduction
  • Up to 30% lighter than other similar models in the same segment
  • High compatibility with any Bluetooth enhanced device, regardless of its age
  • Wireless connection
  • No amplifiers required
  • Comes with a 3.5mm jack cable for those moments when you run out of battery
  • Carrying case included in the package


  • Does not have a microphone, so you will need to buy it separately
  • Newbies might need a day or two to get used to how the headset feels
  • Owner’s manual is not the best


In the end, Koss PortaPro Headphones With Case is a decent model that can match a lot of common needs. It may not be the perfect model for professionals, but it is extremely handy for all kinds of uses.