Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: music teachers, newbies, professionals, occasional players

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Selecting the perfect electric guitar will prove to be an intimidating challenge sometimes. Unless you play this instrument for many years and you know exactly what to expect or what to look for, chances are you will feel overwhelmed by this widely diversified market. Fortunately, there are some front runners. Begin this venture by identifying the top brands first, then focus on their best selling products. The entire job will seem a lot easier in this manner. With this conclusion in mind, Fender seems to be one of the most appreciated guitar manufacturers in the world. The manufacturer is deeply involved in the music industry and also provides amplifiers, tuners, stands and all kinds of accessories. It sells all over the world and it has a solid reputation among both newbies and professionals.

When it comes to browsing through its numerous guitars, some of them can definitely stand up in the crowd because they can satisfy more necessities. Middle solutions are highly recommended and this is when Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar steps in. This is not Fender’s most expensive guitar, but not the cheapest one either. Instead, it is somewhere in the middle, hence the huge appreciation and good rankings. But with all these, it is still worth checking out its features. Make sure that you know what your priorities are, as well as your expectations. The more you know about it, the easier it becomes to convince yourself that this might be the right option for your musical venture.

Why we believe that electric guitars represent a better option than acoustic alternatives

No one can deny the benefits of acoustic guitars, but from many points of view, electric guitars like Fender’s Modern Player Tele® Plus unit are a lot better. First of all, newbies will love the possibility to hold down chords without too much effort. The neck is normally shorter, so the position is more comfortable. Strings are also easier to deal with because they are relatively soft. While you might need some practice as a beginner, playing an electric guitar is a piece of cake. You can customize your playing style without really putting too much pressure on the strings. Learning goes even further than that though. It also implies dealing with barre chords. They look challenging at a first glance, but these should be your first steps. Fortunately, the light strings will give you a hand and help you understand chords in an easier manner.

Electric guitars are not recommended to you only, but also to your family. Do you feel like practicing in the middle of the night? How about an early morning? How about doing it at 3PM when your parents are taking a nap? Whether it comes to your family or perhaps your neighbors, plugging some headphones into the amplifier gives you the chance to play the guitar without driving everyone crazy. All these elements will give you more flexibility, but also the freedom to become familiar with the guitar in no time.

Exploring the relevant features associated with Fender’s Modern Player Tele® Plus guitar

The design is probably the first thing to draw some attention. Fender’s electric guitar looks old fashioned and classic, yet it is enhanced with a glossy appearance. It has that faded and discolored brown design of wood, but it shines and feels futuristic as well. The black and brown combination adds to the warm appearance, as well as the light colored neck. However, while the appearance adds to your style, it is not the most important thing to pay attention to.

The actual functionality is given by the features. This model provides an exquisite amount of usable tones. You have a humbucking bridge pickup, as well as a middle pickup for support. The Tele neck pickup represents a patented technology. Obviously, these three solutions will enhance your playing capabilities and give you access to tones that you have never even thought they existed. As if all these were not enough, you have five different switching options. Besides, the toggle for coil splitting ensures that you do not have to make any effort in order to access the tones.

The vintage looking guitar is made of a tight combination of pine and maple. The body is mostly made of pine, while the fretboard and neck consist of maple. Maple is known for being heavier than other materials, but it ensures a top notch durability. The guitar weighs 10 pounds. It is fairly easy to get used to it, even if you are a complete newbie. The ergonomic construction underlines its main purpose – built to play fast. It makes no difference how aggressive your tunes are. At the same time, dealing with soft sounds is just as easy. Finally, this guitar is available in two color variants, but you may also find some upgraded and more expensive variants for it. It is up to you to identify your necessities though.


  • Vintage appearance makes it look classic
  • Great for both amateurs and professionals
  • Shiny gloss gives it a modernist design
  • Entirely made of pine and apple, which might last forever
  • 6 strings
  • 3 pickups
  • Very durable
  • Solid reputation
  • Neck is C shaped
  • Clean sound
  • 22 jumbo frets
  • Five ways to switch pickups
  • Cost efficient
  • Plenty of usable tones
  • Chrome elements add to its luxury design
  • Very comfortable and easy to play
  • Available in a few designs


  • Newbies might find the numerous features a bit confusing
  • The Tele pickup might be harder to access due to taking the guard off
  • There are more professional variants in the same series


In the end, no one can deny the cost efficiency of Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar. This guitar looks perfect from most points of view. It is highly recommended to all categories of people, so do not hesitate to benefit from it.