Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: music professors, acoustic and electric uses, professionals, newbies, occasional players

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Not sure what to look for in a good electric guitar? You are not alone in this venture, since plenty of people go through the exact same difficulties. It can be challenging to make the difference with so many models out there. Generally, you should begin this venture with a solid research of several brands. Find the front runners and look for a specialized manufacturer. Epiphone is not new at all in this industry. In fact, it is responsible for developing a wide array of guitars – both acoustic and electric. Each of them has some specifications, hence the necessity to do your homework. You need a product that will raise to your expectations and ensure a good final experience.

Browsing through all these products might be challenging. You have to find the best sellers though. Best sellers also come with high rankings, not to mention about the reviews given by current and past customers. We have found Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar to be a leading product from the prestigious manufacturer. Basically, it looks good, but it also comes with a solid performance. It can be used with both acoustic and electric purposes, yet the electric uses are a lot simpler and way easier to get used to. Read on to find out what we have discovered about his guitar. Check out the pros and cons, but also try to figure out what you truly want from this adventure. There is just no better way to make the wisest decision.

Why we recommend acoustic-electric guitars over specialized guitars

The truth is that specialized guitars – acoustic or electric – can help you gain as much as possible from a particular style. But then, there are a few requirements in order to actually benefit from them. First of all, you must be familiar with what the right style. You have to be perfectly sure that you will not switch to the other style or you will need a different guitar. Second, you do need a lot of experience. A newbie is less likely to tell the differences between an acoustic electric guitar and a specialized one. Believe it or not, even some professors have difficulties in doing it, so you obviously require many years of intense lessons in order to do it. Most people are able to tell the differences by checking the specifications only.

Keep in mind that while you might love the electric style or just find it easier to accommodate to, there are situations when you will require an acoustic solution too. Unless you are a real celebrity with albums and own music, you will probably play popular music or just come up with some covers. Not having this second function limits you to specific styles. With these ideas in mind, an acoustic electric guitar is by far a better option. Fortunately for you, Epiphone’s EJ-200CE guitar is one of these models. The electric profile is amazing and can successfully compete to more popular or reputable units as well.

Discover the features and reasons wherefore Epiphone’s EJ-200CE is a great choice

Judging by the numerous reviews and good testimonials all over the world, Epiphone’s EJ-200CE is by far one of the most popular guitars in the world. It adopts a classic shape. It might look a bit old fashioned, but once you see the gloss, you inevitably forget about this idea. Basically, this model is a subtle cocktail of classicism and modernism that will draw a lot of positive attention. It is made of spruce and maple. The brownish design with black accents is great, while the back provides full fret access through a cutaway. The neck is also made of maple and ensures a 25.5” long scale. As for the fingerboard, it also adopts a vintage rosewood style.

The guitar comes with a new and patented system – the eSonic2 preamp solutions. The system has been built in a tight collaboration with a German company. It practically defined the built in tuner, which is very simple to use. When the tuner is on, the output mutes everything, including the playing noises. You have the freedom to unplug and enjoy the atmosphere without exaggerating with the noise too. You also gain access to a master volume, a blend and an indicator that notifies you when the battery goes low. Stick to the same batteries because they are more durable and very lightweight.

While small parts often seem irrelevant, most specialists agree that they can often make the difference. The hardware parts should definitely not be overlooked. Overtime, Epiphone has gained a lot of popularity due to its quality hardware. In fact, it is said to be the best in this industry and this guitar makes no exception either. Functionality and an exquisite style are the elements that you should look for. The gold screws match the design, while the Grover tuners guarantee for a perfect result.


  • Vintage appearance makes it look classic
  • Great for all levels of personal experience
  • Shiny gloss gives it a contemporary appearance
  • Made of maple, spruce and rosewood
  • Innovative built-in pickup
  • Very durable
  • Solid reputation
  • eSonic 2 preamp
  • Clean sound
  • 25.5” scale length
  • Easy and full fret access
  • Cost efficient
  • Plenty of usable tones
  • Gold screws
  • Grover tuners
  • Quite comfortable
  • Easy to get used to


  • Does not come with a case, yet it needs one
  • Slightly heavier than other similar guitars
  • Sounds might seem different if the strings wear overtime and require replacement


In the end, it is obvious why Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar sells all over the world. It is built with quality in mind and this should be one of your main concerns when dealing with music. It is highly recommended for professional uses, but it is also good to learn about it. The cost efficiency adds to its overall appreciation as well.