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Best Electric Guitar Reviews

Learning to play a musical instrument can become the optimal solution to enhance your artistic side and reveal your hidden skills. There are a lot of instruments out there to try on. Obviously, each of them comes with a lot of challenges, while experience will most likely make the difference overtime.

At the same time, you can probably tell already that some instruments are easier to play than others, but they also come with significant investments. If you truly want to become a professional piano player, you better expect to pay a fortune on a solid and reliable unit.

On the other hand, finding the best electric guitar for a newbie is way more cost efficient. But generally speaking, this decision should be driven by passion and dedication. Expenses will become insignificant if you truly love what you are doing.

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When not sure what the perfect electric guitar for you is, these front runners can usually cover anyone’s necessities.

  • Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar
    Can be used as an electric or an acoustic guitar, which is great for those who want to diversify their portfolio a little or just engage into live sessions. They can play along with the band, but also engage into fancy solos.
  • Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar
    Is not just a front runner, but it also looks amazing. It brings in an updated version of the System55T feature. It also comes with a built-in tuner, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • Cordoba C5-CE Iberia Series Electric Guitar
    Is not just cost efficient, but it can also be used with both electric and acoustic purposes. The top is solid and durable, since it is made of cedar. Some elements are also made of mahogany.
  • Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar
    Adopts a vintage appearance. It might look like an acoustic guitar, but it is actually an acoustic-electric model. It is lightweight, easy to use and mix with other elements, so it should become a very handy solution in all kinds of situations. The cost efficiency is amazing too. 

Aside from boosting your artistic skills a little, you might want to give your kid the same opportunity too. In fact, there are more children taking classes and learning how to play instruments than actual adults. There is one thing that makes the difference – the actual dedication.

Kids have no idea what they need, so they might get bored overnight. This is why you should not invest in expensive instruments upfront. But when it comes to you, you know already that passions will resist for a lifetime. Finding the best electric guitar will most likely add to your experience.

Unveil the different types of electric guitars

Electric guitars can be classified by more criteria. This is probably the first step in your struggle to spot the best electric guitar, so pay attention to general considerations before going into deep details.

  • Solid body guitars are self explanatory. Resonating chambers are out of discussion in this type of construction. Normally, they are built of solid wood. The wood quality is one of the first things to pay attention to because it defines the sound quality. They are durable, good looking and very resistant in the long run. This is by far the most popular type of electric guitars.
  • Semi acoustic guitars are thin and look more aggressive. They are more dynamic because they are easier to keep under control. They are more efficient with an amplifier though. When used acoustically, the sound quality is usually terrible. They are very common in jazz, but also in blues. The so called distorted sound is hard to control sometimes, so this option is not always the best one in live performances.
  • Arch top guitars were originally designed to be acoustic guitars. With time, the electric style has gained more popularity though. They are arched and might look a little like violins. High quality units are made out of one piece only.
  • Electro-acoustic guitars come with pickups. They are not so popular in electric guitar players, yet they are more efficient in acoustic uses. 

Find out what to look for in the best electric guitar

The best electric guitar depends on more factors. No matter how simple it seems, the truth is that you require a little attention to small details.

  • Neck construction refers to three different types of necks – set neck, neck though and bolt on. Obviously, each type of neck comes with both pros and cons, so it is up to you to figure out what might work better for you.
  • Scale length defines the vibrating string length. A short scale provides a warm and friendly sound, while a long one will ensure a bright and better defined sound. Practically, the longer the scale is, the more tension you have to face while playing the guitar.
  • Tone woods may look irrelevant at a first glance. Most people know that the sound is given by the strings and pickups. However, wood has a specific resonance as well, so it dictates the string vibration. There are plenty of types of wood to be used in electric guitars though. 

Why we believe electric guitars are a lot more advantageous than other types

There are a series of different types of guitars out there. Choosing the right one can be the most challenging part, especially if you are new. Most commonly, you will need to choose between acoustic and electric guitars. While no one can deny the benefits of acoustic guitars, we have found out that electric alternatives are a lot better.

Most importantly, finding the best electric guitar gives you the possibility to master the volume. It takes a lot of time and hard work to learn how to play a guitar, but then, you probably know already that your neighbors, parents or kids will not really enjoy hearing you play all day long. Fortunately, electric guitars come with adjustable volumes. You can also eliminate the amplifier and practice without it.

Of course, the sound is not the same, but you can still practice chords, ideas, playing styles and hand positions. Furthermore, you can obviously turn up the volume too, only to take this experience to the next level and perhaps impress your family members with a little show.

Electric guitars are also easier to learn on. Strings are normally thinner. They seem a little fragile, but this fragility is actually great to get used to pushing and plucking strings. The guitar neck is thinner, so finger positioning is perfect. Plus, the overall setup is lightweight. Feel free to put the strap over your head and enjoy the show. Generally, the electric alternative is simply more user friendly and accessible.

We aim to help you identify the best model for your personal expectations

We know that finding the best electric guitar can be very intimidating. There are a wide plethora of models out there. Some of them come from world renowned brands and might cost a lot of money. Some others are cheap and made in the middle of nowhere. Some electric guitars can cost up to ten times more than others, yet they might look almost identical.

We do not recommend buying the most expensive guitar because it does not necessarily mean that it is the best one. We believe that the cheapest one is not the best either, even if you are not truly sure about your expectations and needs. Buying a cheap guitar will ruin the experience for you, so you will probably not feel like moving on with this venture. Instead, we suggest following cost efficiency.

We have chosen the best selling electric guitars in the world. They sell and they benefit from good recommendations, so they are definitely worth a lot of attention. We know that choosing yourself can be challenging if this is your first guitar, so we have reviewed these best rated units, only to ensure that you make an informed decision.

When you know what to expect from an electric guitar, making informed decisions is a way simpler job. All you have to do is identify your expectations and ensure that they match the particular characteristics of a guitar. From that point on, finding the best electric guitar is a matter of time only.


In the end, making a final decision is entirely your responsibility. But then, it is worth noting that a little education and research will open a lot of doors. With hundreds of electric guitars out there, it might be difficult to go in the right direction, hence the necessity of an extra hand. Identify your expectations, read our reviews and buy with cost efficiency in mind.