3 Things to Look For When Shopping For Bookshelf Speakers


Bookshelf speakers are a great addition to any home. They are easy to move around for customization. They are also very powerful and will give you a great listening experience. If you already have a home theater system, then you can add bookshelf speakers to the setup but if you do not you need a new setup altogether.

Bookshelf speakers as the name suggests are supposed to be placed on any elevated surface in the house but not on the floor. Here are 3 important things to look for when shopping for bookshelf speakers.

  1. Specifications and Features

You should pay attention to the specifications of the speakers. Look at things like the hertz, watts and the drivers. The hertz represents how powerful the bass will be. The lower the number the better. Watts is the power and the higher it is the more output you should expect. Bookshelf speakers usually come with two drivers, bass and tweeter but you can also find some with the midrange sound to give you a full sound experience.

Do not forget to look at the size of the speakers. They come mostly in 5 inch and 8 inch sizes. Most of the best bookshelf speakers are 8 inch because this size gives better bass production. Some speakers will come with two sets of connectors one for the bass and the other for the tweeter. This type of connection is better and it enhances the sound quality.

Most bookshelf speakers are not powered. However there are some powered bookshelf speakers in the market which come with their own inbuilt amplifier. These are great when you want something you can use as a standalone setup rather than with the system that you already have.

  1. Power and Frequency

This consideration goes hand in hand with what you will be using the speakers for. Will you be watching a lot of movies? If so then you need the speakers that will give you a lot more bass so you can enjoy the full sound effects. If you will be listening to music in them then you should get the speakers that will enhance your listening experience.

Also, you might want to consider the setup of where you live. If you live in an apartment building with close houses and thin walls chances are you will not be raising the volume so high. You therefore might not need very powerful speakers.

  1. Durability

Just like anything else, you want bookshelf speakers that will last you a long time. The best bookshelf speakers in the market like kilpsch bookshelf speakers are very well made and sturdy. Speakers with a solid make also have a great sound. They should be able to stand firmly on any surface you place them and shouldn’t move around. Good speakers should last you for a really long time.

By doing some due diligence before purchasing you will be able to qualify the different bookshelf speakers available in the market and get the one that is right for you. There are many other considerations to have in mind but these will guide you in the right direction to getting something that is worthwhile.

Best Electric Guitars and Syncing Your Amp

Amplifiers (amps) are electromagnetic or electronic devices used to boost an electric current. They are magical devices for audiophiles. They are used in many different devices around the home from home theaters, subwoofers, radios, hearing aids, loud speakers, and so many others. There are different types of amps in the market classified into different categories depending on the design.

An amp is an important tool in music production as it is required all through the process. It will be used during recording of music, when the music is being played and when you are listening to the music at home an amplifier will give you the best reproduction of the pre-recorded music.

Best Electric Guitars And Your Amp

Even with being very useful there are instances when you might feel like the music and the amps are out of sync. Here are three such instances.

There is a Delay in Your Music

One of the signs that you will find indicating your music and amps are out of sync is delay. Is your bass lagging behind the rest of the music? If this is the case then it means the amp is out of phase somehow and needs to be adjusted so that the delay is reduced. You might also need to use better equipment like computers with a higher RAM, audio interface and having a strong electric guitar amplifier or music amp depending on the scenario.

One Part of Your System Fires up Before the Rest

If you put on your system and notice that part of it fires up later than all the rest then there could be an issue. This can also cause your music to go out of sync with the amps because of the lag. The causes could most probably be poor connections or use of low quality cables in the connection.

For big setups for instance in events and performances high quality cables should be used. Also, ensure that you use the correct cables for the right job. This is because the cables are quite different on the inside which can cause lags and poor sync.

There Is Audio Latency during Recording of Music

If you are recording your music and notice that there is a delay between your performance and what you hear in the recording this is called audio latency. It is caused by your music being out of sync with the music amplifier amongst other things.

From the instrument like your guitar through the guitar amp to your computer where it is recorded and audio processed all the way to being played back a lot could go wrong. Ensure that you have the right connections using high quality cables and that you have an amplifier with power enough for the system.

It is important to have the right amps with enough power for the different purposes they are being used for. Whether you are using amps to listen to music, during production or music or in recording of music it is imperative that the amps you use are of the best quality and are able to meet the load. Also ensure that you have proper connections and the cables used are of high quality.